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College Bound: I'm Back!!!

This is my first post, in a while, and my first post as a college student on campus! It's so nice to have so many beautiful locations to shoot. I chose to start outside my dorm because I love the brick. I just went on a fall shopping spree for a few essentials, including this bright orange sweater!  It's the great pumkin Charlie Brown! I got it from H&M for only 24.95. For a quirky look, I paired it with my Ray Ban glasses, cuffed jeans, and blue argyle socks. It's the perfect comfortable yet stylish look for a college student. I paired it with my leather jacket once it got a little windy. Hope you all enjoy!



Soo I know I've been gone for a while and I could say that it's been crazy and recently it has but I could've posted more and I'm sorry for that. I've recently started college and I'm majoring in fashion and textile management!
There's a lot of beautiful places to take pictures so I hope to be posting soon. In the meantime ill post a few outfits I took over the summer! See you soon! 


Outfit: Quirky Girly



Lately I've been on a shopping frenzy ever since I got my new job at a department store in the mall( dream come true) and because if that I went to the forever 21 three days in a row. I know it was a huge spree and really impulsive so I'm really gonna have to cut back ( until back to school shopping that is)

But anyway the dress and shoes I'm wearing are a couple of the things i bought.

I wanted a girly summer look but at the same time make it a little quirky so I added polka dot socks and the shoes added a chic futuristic twist. I really like how this look came out, what do you think?


Graduation Haulage!

These First Three items I got  from Express when they were having a 40% off sale I believe. I was eager to satisfy my neon and sporty cravings so I was super excited to get these!


Perfect Day/Graduation #ClassOf2013

Monday I graduated and it was one of the most fun filled days I've had in a while. After graduating my family and a family friend of ours went to the Cheesecake factory, and afterward I did a little impulse shopping at Forever 21 at the same mall(with no regrets, I just graduated after all!) Then in the evening I hosted my graduation party with a few friends and lots of great desserts and games. It was so much fun. I don't think I've hosted a party before and it was a great experience setting the food and games up and making the ultimate playlist with songs ranging from "can't touch this" "crazy in love" "#that power"(my current favorite) and more! Graduating was a big accomplishment and I'm so proud of all my friends and I. I can't believe I'm never going to go back to high school ever again, and there will be tons of people I won't ever see again. But I'm excited for the next step, going to college and starting my dreams of making it big in fashion! Let the journey begin! Well, I gotta turn up over the summer first.


Australian fashion week street style

I haven't posted in a while so here is some eye candy from I promise to post more soon! Hope you like! 


TrendSpotting: Overalls

You've seen them in the nineties, you've seen them on farmers and now overalls are back and they're big! Fashionistas everywhere are sporting this runway trend and even rocking it they're own way from leatther to distressed and from shorts to jumpers.


Mad Hatter

Mad Hatter

Mad Hatter by zoevogue 

Just a polyvore set I created, getting re-obsessed with this site. I have seasons where I'm into pinning, or fashiolista, or google reader, right now it's polyvore. The one thing I hate about Polyvore is that I have endless possibilities of outfits to create, and endless designer clothes, but I can't wear my beautiful creations, and I'm limited to my, in comparison, small closet. I thought it would be so bad to start out with a dainty outfit consisting of a cloud printed Michael Kors skater skirt, floral blazer, and fedora, but totally switch things up with some wedge sneakers, completely unexpected.

Make sure to check out my Polyvore and other social media links so I can stay connected with you guys!


TrendSpotting :Transparent Clutches

When I used to see pictures of clear accessories, I thought do we really want a bag in which people can see all of our business, including tampons,money, and used tissues? And then I came to the reasonable conclusion, who cares? The transparent clutch has been the accessory of the season and clear accessories appeared in many spring 2013 runway shows including Burbery, Givenchy, and Valentino. The clear clutch is an opportunity to show what's in my bag, without making a youtube video on it! It's an opportunity to experiment with color, choosing what to go in it to match with your outfit!


Fav April Looks

To celebrate the first day of May(also my friends birthday) Happy Birthday Syeda! I put together some  of my favorite looks from the month of April. Click on the links below to see more details!


Outfit:Holy Chic-Day to Night

After a long,boring day of school, there's no time to relax, oh no, I've got a student fashion show to go to at my prospective university, so I don't have a lot of time to choose an outfit but never fear, with a few cute changes I was able to change my day look for night!


April Buys bring May Outfits

Adorable purchases I made over the month of April that I'd like to share with everyone, let's get started!


Sports Luxe Challenge Day 1

Heeled Sandals and Sports Luxe Lust

I have been lusting after these shoes and the whole sports luxe look I've seen everywhere on fashion week, stay tuned for inexpensive options of the heeled sandals, and styling ideas for sports luxe.


How to pose for your fashion blog/photos

Hey guys, I must say I find myself having trouble posing for my blog posts and so to help myself and you guys with blogs, I've created a quick guide on tips for posing for you blog. I simply found pictures on the web, and examined them to see how we can apply it to our blogs. Lets get started!


Atlanta Haul

I picked up some cute stuff while I was in Georgia Wednesday so lets get started!


Atlanta part 2

Hey guys, now I'm going to take you through the streets of little five points, a cool, hipster, shopping area, with vintage music, cafes, and the most fabulous, urban clothing stores ever!. Get ready to drool over some serious shoe candy!


Reader to Bloglovin

Hello! Arrived in GA today, and chillin at my Uncle's house before getting out and touring and stuff. I just wanted to post something real quick. As you all know,Google reader is being shut down, please join me in a round of NOOOOOOOss. I use that thing every freaking day! I guess now we're all going to have to intergrate to bloglovin! BTW, I intergrated all the blogs I'm following via GFC onto Bloglovin, so I'm still following all of you guys! I would appreciate if you all could continue to follow me on Bloglovin too! Here's the quick link to intergrate all the blogs you follow into Bloglovin



OMG!! Haven't posted in soo long! I could say I was busy with college prep and schoolwork and work work, and I was but I had time to blog too, so I'm sorry. But I'm so excited to get back into the groove of blogging, I have a lot of cool outfit ideas and this spring break I'm going to Atlanta, where I was born and I'm going to be blogging about all the fabulous shops on five points intersection, including a boutique with tons of Jeffrey Campbell!!!

For now, here is an outfit I wore on Tuesday to school.

 I bought these leggings from gojane last year but was too afraid to wear them until now and got tons of compliments and I loved wearing them. I matched them with hot pink dangly earings, added edge with the faux suede motorcycle boots, and white faux leather jacket. Till next time, which will hopefully be soon!


Singletines Day!

Oh boy tomorrow is Valentines day, and being single I have an affinity to hate it, but it's a new year, so this year we should all have a new attitude! Let's make an agreement to have a fun, single Valentines day!( If you're in a relationship get off this page. Now. Just kidding! But seriously? Why are you here? LOL!)

First I've created a quick little list of fun things we can do.
  • Come up with the cutest Valentines day outfit, to make all those taken guys  jealous
  • G.N.O (Girls Night Out!) If you're a high school student like myself though, wait till Friday, and watch a good movie tomorrow.(after homework's done)
  • Give out Candy in all your classes!( I did this for Christmas, and I felt so good!)
  • Flirtatiously wish your crush a happy Valentines Day!( Crushes are fun, no drama attached!)
  • Watch your favorite comedy( you won't be self-pitying yourself with a bowl of icecream)
  • Shopping!
  • Treat. Yo.Self. ( Since it's a day of love, why not show some apreciation for yourself!)
  • Family dinner( Going out to eat with your fam may not be romantic, but there's still so much love!!)

Here's a list of a few things we single gals probably shouldn't do this Valentines Day!
  • Watch a romantic comedy
  • Stalk people's facebook
  • Envy couple's we see sucking face ( That's gross anyway)
Here are some fun outfits you can wear this Valentines Day!
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