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Fashion Inspiration

I love loose fitting tops and turban headbands are my obsession. These girls style totally inspired me.


I can't think of creative names to give my posts but till then  i will just title them by date.

What i love about this outfit is the shape of it. The loose fitting top and form fitting jeans make an awesome contrast. Button downs are one of my favorite type of shirts. They are essential to any girls' wardrobe.


Semi Edgy

The reason I call this outfit semi edgy is because it's kind of casual as well, and i really didn't take a risk today. it was just a casual outfit for school so. but i love layering shorts with leggings and boots. i've been doing it a lot lately.

Jacket- Ross
Tank- ?
Shorts- Kohls

Purple Fierce

Hi! I'm Zoe and this is my new fashion blog! This is going to be were I post stylish outfits I wear. I got inspired from, and other blogs. 

 Today  I wore a two toned dress from Macys, military style jacket from Forever 21, purple tights from Wetseal, and edgy boots from Kohls. I love how the gold buttons and purple tights look together. I call this outfit purple fierce.
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