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Perfect Day/Graduation #ClassOf2013

Monday I graduated and it was one of the most fun filled days I've had in a while. After graduating my family and a family friend of ours went to the Cheesecake factory, and afterward I did a little impulse shopping at Forever 21 at the same mall(with no regrets, I just graduated after all!) Then in the evening I hosted my graduation party with a few friends and lots of great desserts and games. It was so much fun. I don't think I've hosted a party before and it was a great experience setting the food and games up and making the ultimate playlist with songs ranging from "can't touch this" "crazy in love" "#that power"(my current favorite) and more! Graduating was a big accomplishment and I'm so proud of all my friends and I. I can't believe I'm never going to go back to high school ever again, and there will be tons of people I won't ever see again. But I'm excited for the next step, going to college and starting my dreams of making it big in fashion! Let the journey begin! Well, I gotta turn up over the summer first.

For my graduation outfit, I wanted to make a bright splash, no traditional white for me. When I saw this neon dress on display at the Express I knew it had to be in my possession, so I stalked it till it became on sale.
I'm also wearing my minimalist heels from Gojane, and I finished off the look with jewelry in kind of the same color scheme, green but more of a true green.

Small dessert get together at my house with friends, You don't need a huge party and drinks to have a good time!
Lastly, this is what I did with my hair, added lighter extensions for an ombre effect, not as ombre as I wanted but I love how natural it blends in.

Thanks for reading! Enjoy your day!


  1. Hi!
    That neon dress looks so good on you!!
    Love the necklace too.

    Following you at bloglovin:)

    xx, Joana

  2. The neon looks amazing on your skin! Congratulations on you graduation!

  3. You look amazing in neon! Glad you had fun at grad. Now I can't wait to graduate next year too.


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