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Singletines Day!

Oh boy tomorrow is Valentines day, and being single I have an affinity to hate it, but it's a new year, so this year we should all have a new attitude! Let's make an agreement to have a fun, single Valentines day!( If you're in a relationship get off this page. Now. Just kidding! But seriously? Why are you here? LOL!)

First I've created a quick little list of fun things we can do.
  • Come up with the cutest Valentines day outfit, to make all those taken guys  jealous
  • G.N.O (Girls Night Out!) If you're a high school student like myself though, wait till Friday, and watch a good movie tomorrow.(after homework's done)
  • Give out Candy in all your classes!( I did this for Christmas, and I felt so good!)
  • Flirtatiously wish your crush a happy Valentines Day!( Crushes are fun, no drama attached!)
  • Watch your favorite comedy( you won't be self-pitying yourself with a bowl of icecream)
  • Shopping!
  • Treat. Yo.Self. ( Since it's a day of love, why not show some apreciation for yourself!)
  • Family dinner( Going out to eat with your fam may not be romantic, but there's still so much love!!)

Here's a list of a few things we single gals probably shouldn't do this Valentines Day!
  • Watch a romantic comedy
  • Stalk people's facebook
  • Envy couple's we see sucking face ( That's gross anyway)
Here are some fun outfits you can wear this Valentines Day!


Be festive,girly, and flirty at school with a floral backpack, pink jeans, and cozy knits. Stay comfy and cute in studded flats. Play up your sweetness with a floral headband and nude lipgloss!


For a perfect going out look, don't overdo the pink.Try a pale pink leather jacket and shoes with hints of pink for a subtle sweetness. Be trendy in a black high low dress, studded bracelet, and slick pony.

valentine casual

Staying in this valentines? Wear some easy but cool leggings, legwarmers for extra warmth( it's chilly down in   the south eastern states!) Chunky knits, no fuss curls, and your favorite snuggle buddy to enjoy a good movie with!

Cheers! My first advice post!Have a  Happy Valentines Day!


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