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got something stuck in my shoe lol

Hello everyone! Recently I've been on college trips and getting very excited about choosing the right school that will best help further me in my fashion journey. One school currently seems better than the other, having part time in Paris and getting to work on Fashion Week! Which is awesome, but its kind of expensive and an all girls school(not helpful if I'm trying to talk to guys more, I'm kind of shy!) On the other hand, the other school seems to have a good fashion program as well, but its more technical than the other one, and I'm not interested in learning about how to succeed in manufacturing... There are many pros and cons for both of these schools for me so that's why it's a hard choice. Hope I can make the right decision in time!

On my outfit, I decided to take the pictures at school for a change in scenery. People say my school looks like a castle! Guess they're right. I decided to wear my british flag sweater I showed in my Christmas haul as well as the hat both from F21. Actually everything I'm wearing I  bought/got for Christmas.
shirt- F21
hat- F21
shoes- GoJane
pants- Gift
sweater- Charlotte Russe
necklace- Charlotte Russe
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  1. In love with your t-shirt! I am following you now!
    Would you like to follow me back?

  2. The hat is such a cute feature..lovely!!


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