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Atlanta part 2

Hey guys, now I'm going to take you through the streets of little five points, a cool, hipster, shopping area, with vintage music, cafes, and the most fabulous, urban clothing stores ever!. Get ready to drool over some serious shoe candy!

American Apparel. Love how everything in there is color coded!

Tried on the infamous disco pants, but way too expensive!
Cute clothes and the best shoes! Lots of Jeffrey Campbell!

Basically a hipster second hand store ranging from trendy to vintage to costume wear.

Forgot the name of this store. Urban clothes. Cheaper shoes not cheap just cheaper than Cherry.

Really wanted these shoes, but since they're Qupid brand, I knew I could find them online much cheaper!
Fabulous boutique. Overpriced denim.

Tomorrow I'll show what I bought! Hope you all enjoyed!

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