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Graduation Haulage!

These First Three items I got  from Express when they were having a 40% off sale I believe. I was eager to satisfy my neon and sporty cravings so I was super excited to get these!

 I wore this already a few times actually, you can tell by the stretched out neckline, and HERE too.
 You've seen me wearing this gorgeous dress on my graduation HERE
I have been wanting a pair of pants like these for, forever. White with clean flattering black lines going down the sides. I'll show you guys how I wore it, in an outfit of the day I'll upload shortly

Keep Reading to See the goodies I bought on Graduation day at Forever 21!

I also wanted to show you guys how it looks on me for reference. I got a medium of these leggings for $8, not a bad price for a trend that's kind of going out.

Cool tank for $10, they ran out of smalls but I got them in a medium as well. I love the tiger print, so bold!
Been dying for an item in checkerboard print, for $12.

Also been OBSESSING over shortalls and I did a trend post on them too HERE. I got them in a Large for $30. I just love how they look with a crop top or sports luxe.

I have a lot of outfits coming up so stay tuned!

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  1. I love that express dress! I've been eyeing it for months but can't find it in my size anywhere. I'll live vicariously through you!

    Sex w. Candy


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