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2013 Here I Come

Hi and happy New Year to well anyone who is reading this! Wow its been a great and fabulous year! I got my first job last December so it has been a great year for shopping! Aside from that, I learned to come more out of my shell more and more each year, from voicing my opinions in class, taking on a leading role in the homecoming skit, and growing my blog exposing myself to potentially tons of people to see me. My blog is still a work in progress and I'm still working on improving so I would like to thank those of you who follow my blog for supporting me. For 2013 I hope to improve my blog to make it more enjoyable for me and others.

2013 Blog Resolutions


Cheeta Feva

Another fabulous photo shoot featuring leopard and leather!


Button Up

Christmas Hop

I entered this Christmas Hop hosted by one of my blogger friends and you guys should join too! Its a way to gain followers and find more people to follow on pinterest!
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Fall Wishlist 2012

I've seen these on many fashion blogs especially my favorites and since I make clothes wishlists on my desktop anyway, I thought I'd put my fashion wishlist on my blog!

I am loving
2.jeffrey campbell lita cmyk spike
3.river island



I wish my blog wasn't so inconsistent but it's because of my camera situation. I've worn so many cute outfits that I wish I could've posted but when my mom or sister takes the picture I always hate it. The details of the outfit aren't shown, it's too dark or blurry, etc. So for Christmas I want a good quality camera. Independent fashion bloggers recommended a DSLR but those are way too expensive. Hopefully I can find one at Walmart that will get the job done. There's so many options and I know nothing about cameras so It's gonna be hard finding one. I really wanna get started on posting good blog content that I really may not wait till Christmas for my camera. But until I get one, here are some pictures my photographer friend took of me with her professional camera.

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