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Outfit:My Birthday!

So yeah, yesterday was ma birthday, officially legal whoot whoot! Earlier in the year I wanted to have a big party, at a hotel and a dj, the whole shabang, you know, but when my birthday finally came around all I was feeling up to was dinner with my family with all my favorite foods. I didn't want to make a big deal about it, but it feels weird calling myself a woman, especially when I usually act quite the opposite!
I wanted to wear a casually sophisticated outfit so I opted this fun pink blazer and shredded jeans. I didn't actually wear these heels to school because once again, I didn't feel like it, but they really added edge to this outfit for my shoot.

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  1. chic outfit! love the bright coloured blazer! xx

    The Provocative Couture

  2. Hope you had a great birthday Zoe!! I love the bracelet and blazer. Not a huge fan of the jeans, but that probably just tells you my age. ; ) Glad you had fun with your fam!


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