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I can't tell you how wonderful it felt to wear a skirt and not have to wear tights or leggings with it. Everyone at school was bringing out their spring threads and I am loving it! I am, however, not digging the heat, it was pretty much unbearable and it's pretty much going to get worse from here on now, I swear the weather here is so bipolar, cold one day and hot the next.
I decided to keep my look casual today with my grey sneakers and my adorable vogue magazine t-shirt. I love how my skirt flowed in the wind for my photoshoot! Thank you mother nature! I liked how the look turned out, and leopard print and slouchy t-shirts are definately a wardrobe must in my book.

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  1. Such a chic outfit! I love how you matched the shirt with the cute low-high skirt. I wouldn't have thought of that.


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