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Trendspotting: Half Buns

This hairstyle is so cute yet so low maintenance. Celebrities, bloggers, and fashionistas alike have been rocking this easy do. Try out this hairstyle when you're in a rush and need a quick stylish do! I certainly will!


The Best Monochromatic looks

The Best Monochromatic looks
I'm really into the black and white look. Clean white blazers, slick leather pants, and cool shades make for the chicest outfits. Read on to be inspired on how to rock the monochromatic style.


Style Diaries: Birthday Lunch

Bullying Pains

Growing up wouldn't be so bad if bullies weren't involved. I just got back home from University and I already miss my friends and independence, and can't wait to go back in the fall. My youngest sister on the other hand can't wait to leave middle school. I understand how she feels. Middle school was the worst. I barely had any friends, I was really shy and I got bullied. Now my sister is going  through the same thing and it just breaks my heart. I happened to go to the same middle school as her and know how mean people can be.

I'm taking a different route today from my normal fashion posts to address something very personal to me. Bullying.

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