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Collegiate Ready

Hii All! Today I bring you another fabulous outfit and great news. I just found out I was accepted into one of my top choice colleges! NC State! Whoo Hoo! I'm so relieved knowing that I got in. I was for sure I wouldn't. In fact I got into all five schools I applied to. Anyone else here waiting to hear from colleges or have heard? It's such an exciting time in life to be moving on with the next chapter and scary too!
Today, with having a three hour delay due to weather cautions, I was able to get some extra sleep and even more time to pick out my outfit. I decided to go for a classy type of outfit with my dress pants I bought from forever 21 and my new favorite leather jacket with lace sleeves, and my all time favorite white shirt from forever 21. I love white shirts, I love how chic and clean they can be with outfits, but this one is my all time favorite. It was one of the first clothing items I ever bought before I got my first job. To top off the look I went with my signature gold jewelry from forever 21, Charlotte Russe, Wet seal, and H&M. My shoes are from I hope you guys are inspired by the clothes I wear and shop at the same places. I'm trying to build a following of people with similar tastes and budgets.So question.. where do you lovely ladies like to shop? 
Until next time!


  1. Great post Zoe! Congrats on getting accepted to all of the colleges you applied to! That's so awesome! :)

  2. YAYAYYYY ZOE I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!! I knew you'd get in! & loveeee the outfit! & uh you're a really good writer! -Syeda

  3. First off, dang you look good. Second, congratulations! College stuff is SCARY. I'm currently applying to go to the Art Institute in Seattle to study fashion. It's looking good, but I've heard they have a crazy low acceptance rate, so I'm a little worried.
    Again, dang. You look good. I love that outfit. I actually wore my favorite white shirt today and gold jewelry. Very interesting.(: Keep up the good work!
    XOXO, Aspen

  4. I love all the jewellery , i need a gold chain really badly.
    The whole outfit is really nice :)

  5. What a lovely outfit! Its gorgeous!
    Thanks for the follow - I've returned it now, feel free to drop by any time!
    Grace X


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