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How to pose for your fashion blog/photos

Hey guys, I must say I find myself having trouble posing for my blog posts and so to help myself and you guys with blogs, I've created a quick guide on tips for posing for you blog. I simply found pictures on the web, and examined them to see how we can apply it to our blogs. Lets get started!

Now let me start by saying that there are poses that we see over and over again, and sometimes they are the poses that we ourselves revert to because of not knowing what else to do in the moment.
Typical blogger poses not to over use
the cross one leg over other
look away to the side while holding hat/hair
look at shoes
I have found quiet a few poses that are unique, so therefore they create more interest for the entire look.
Instead of standing try different sitting or laying down poses like these:

Another thing to add interest to your pose is a prop. Holding a book, a purse, wearing a cool hat, strumming a guitar, sitting in a rocking chair, etc.

 Give your look, a sense of mystery by concealing your face in your shots, or turning your back for a glamorous back shot.

Sometimes when doing a basic standing pose, I fumble with what to do with my hands, here are a few ideas...
 In your pocket.
 Hold your arm
Behind your back
I adore the nonchalant, effortless poses, crossing the street with cell and coffee, like a celebrity avoiding paparazzi look.

Lastly always refer back to your old posts that have worked out best for you, and save pictures of your favorite poses from other blogs that inspire you, the possibilities are endless.


  1. cool tips.

  2. Great tips! I'll make sure I'll follow these tips. :)

  3. Great tips. Really unique. Some might need practicing so i'm gonna start now

  4. REally nice tips :D i have a hard time to post as well ! :D


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