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Atlanta Haul

I picked up some cute stuff while I was in Georgia Wednesday so lets get started!

First stop American Apparel

I tried on the disco pants but for the price it wasn't worth it, instead I got what I came in for, a crop top and lime green beanie. I also found these adorable elastic waist shorts that I will be wearing with white crop tops, flowy tops, and white button downs, I think I've said it before,but  white shirts are my favorite.

Next I headed over to Rag-o-rama which is a thrift store that you can sell your clothes too. They're really selective though as they only take in style or vintage clothes. I made 12 dollars cash or 20 store credit... I took the store credit, and this is what I got.

At Rag-o-rama I found a tank from H&M, vest from Express, and jacket by Material Girl! Score!
Last stop a little edgy boutique called envy.

I had my eyes on some sunglasses like these so I picked those up but I was pretty much persuaded by the saleswoman to buy the jeans and bodysuit. I'm glad though because I wore these jeans twice already. I love them so much, I've never been in love with a pair of jeans before now, i know what I've been missing.

Well that's all for my haul,short and sweet. Hope ya'll enjoyed! Till next time!

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