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Singletines Day!

Oh boy tomorrow is Valentines day, and being single I have an affinity to hate it, but it's a new year, so this year we should all have a new attitude! Let's make an agreement to have a fun, single Valentines day!( If you're in a relationship get off this page. Now. Just kidding! But seriously? Why are you here? LOL!)

First I've created a quick little list of fun things we can do.
  • Come up with the cutest Valentines day outfit, to make all those taken guys  jealous
  • G.N.O (Girls Night Out!) If you're a high school student like myself though, wait till Friday, and watch a good movie tomorrow.(after homework's done)
  • Give out Candy in all your classes!( I did this for Christmas, and I felt so good!)
  • Flirtatiously wish your crush a happy Valentines Day!( Crushes are fun, no drama attached!)
  • Watch your favorite comedy( you won't be self-pitying yourself with a bowl of icecream)
  • Shopping!
  • Treat. Yo.Self. ( Since it's a day of love, why not show some apreciation for yourself!)
  • Family dinner( Going out to eat with your fam may not be romantic, but there's still so much love!!)

Here's a list of a few things we single gals probably shouldn't do this Valentines Day!
  • Watch a romantic comedy
  • Stalk people's facebook
  • Envy couple's we see sucking face ( That's gross anyway)
Here are some fun outfits you can wear this Valentines Day!
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