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Outfit inspiration

I havent' posted in a while and really i have no excuse. I spend more time looking at fashion on lookbook, youtube, polyvore, gojane, and urge of edge. I've just been lazy. I know sad.

So this is an outfit i wore a few weeks ago, i really don't feel any of my recent outfits are blog worthy especially since we're on thanksgiving break and i'm at home not needing to be stylish.
i was inspired by an outfit put together by net-a-porter.


Boho Phase

outfit of the day. and styles i'm lovin


Stylish Hobo

A girl in my class today said she wished she could pull this outfit off, but she said she would just look like a homeless person. That got me wondering if my hat looked like a homeless outfit. I always overthink these things but i think it was the hat, it gave an eclectic look. I didn't originally plan to wear the hat and scarf but it was a bit chilly today. Sorry for the bad quality selfies...



I've been loving neutrals lately especially tan, beige, cream, and brown. this outfit embodies cream, beige, and brown, and also a light yellow in the earings.I've also been, as i've said in an earlier post i love layering with boots and leggings now to.  I'm so excited. I joined fashion club this year and i'm really excited to get to know people who like fashion. But i'm more excited that tomorrow no school!


Outfit of the friDay

i'm really loving my style this school year. that's one thing this school year that started off right. i'm wearing a lot of outfits consisting of dresses or skirts with tights or leggings, and my new steve madden combat boots. they have become my signature look this school year and i get lots of compliments on them. i'm also proad of myself for wearing outfits i'd be too shy to wear previous years like this one. Today i wore some old forever 21 ankle boots and i still got complimented on them! Leggings, a cute romper, and an adorable bohemian cropped crochet top over it. This is the bag i spent the rest of my catsitting money on. I'd like to say it was worth it, it's cute, but it's not the best quality... This year i also bought three new headbands, that i believe will enhance the boho look i want to achieve: cheetah print turban, crochet plus floral applique headband, 


glam gal

i took this outfit picture a week ago over spring break. It was really windy and the power went off so i was bored and decided to play dress up. i may wear this oufit out sometime, i really like it, it's inspired by vanessa hudgens. turns out it was more than just windy, a tornado had hit raleigh! Thank God it didn't hit our house, but it did hit many others and many died. a tornado is still going on in the southeast and is really messing up alabama, pray for our fellow americans and God bless.


Cropped Away

My dad gave me a few of his old dress shirts, and i cropped one of them! I got inspired by a picture in Seventeen. I've never seen a cropped button down before, and i thought it would be pretty cool to make. I wore khakis becuase i'm not ready to wear shorts yet, i wore a pink cami under the shirt, and floral earings from forever 21. I think the pastels of the earings, cami, and shirt really make a tomboyish piece like khakis spring and feminine, especially with the wedges too! Oh, i got new wedges for easter, will post soon!
                                                  new hairstyle!


Haute... So Haute

I've been trying out two different ways to wear my floral dress and striped socks and this is what i've come up with. i absolutely love this dress and the socks add unexpected color.

Outifts of the week before this week

 In this outfit i'm wearing a thrifted brown braided belt and cross body bag that i love.
 Miley Cyrus Max Azria shirt i got from 3$ at Walmart last Summer, Forever 21 boots, jacket from Ross
Wetseal sweater, hand me down dress, purple converses, Kohls scarf. I will make a post sharing all that i got thrifting and my new shirt i've been stalking and finally got from my favorite store Forever 21!

I know my outfit posts are kind of late, but i've been really swamped in homework though, i'll get better at it though.


Shoe Obsession: Jeffrey Campbell Lita Boots

Why do i want most, what i can't afford?! I love these shoes so much. They would add so much height to my petite frame, you can wear them with so many things, and i'm loving the wooden platform trend! Ah but a dream is but only a dream.



shoe wishlist

i've been on chictopia and lots of people there dress so stylishly, and have i don't see them wearing the same stuff twice including shoes. me though i have my few shoes and i'm sick of them. they're either falling apart, or too casual like sneakers. i want trendy heels and oxfords! when i have on a cute outfit my boring shoes ruin it. the shoes do make the outfit.
shoe wishlist


Fashion Inspiration

I love loose fitting tops and turban headbands are my obsession. These girls style totally inspired me.


I can't think of creative names to give my posts but till then  i will just title them by date.

What i love about this outfit is the shape of it. The loose fitting top and form fitting jeans make an awesome contrast. Button downs are one of my favorite type of shirts. They are essential to any girls' wardrobe.


Semi Edgy

The reason I call this outfit semi edgy is because it's kind of casual as well, and i really didn't take a risk today. it was just a casual outfit for school so. but i love layering shorts with leggings and boots. i've been doing it a lot lately.

Jacket- Ross
Tank- ?
Shorts- Kohls

Purple Fierce

Hi! I'm Zoe and this is my new fashion blog! This is going to be were I post stylish outfits I wear. I got inspired from, and other blogs. 

 Today  I wore a two toned dress from Macys, military style jacket from Forever 21, purple tights from Wetseal, and edgy boots from Kohls. I love how the gold buttons and purple tights look together. I call this outfit purple fierce.
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