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I've been loving neutrals lately especially tan, beige, cream, and brown. this outfit embodies cream, beige, and brown, and also a light yellow in the earings.I've also been, as i've said in an earlier post i love layering with boots and leggings now to.  I'm so excited. I joined fashion club this year and i'm really excited to get to know people who like fashion. But i'm more excited that tomorrow no school!


Outfit of the friDay

i'm really loving my style this school year. that's one thing this school year that started off right. i'm wearing a lot of outfits consisting of dresses or skirts with tights or leggings, and my new steve madden combat boots. they have become my signature look this school year and i get lots of compliments on them. i'm also proad of myself for wearing outfits i'd be too shy to wear previous years like this one. Today i wore some old forever 21 ankle boots and i still got complimented on them! Leggings, a cute romper, and an adorable bohemian cropped crochet top over it. This is the bag i spent the rest of my catsitting money on. I'd like to say it was worth it, it's cute, but it's not the best quality... This year i also bought three new headbands, that i believe will enhance the boho look i want to achieve: cheetah print turban, crochet plus floral applique headband, 

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