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CHIC. That is how i'm describing my style now or at least what i'm trying to aim for. Chic with a mix of other styles I like. The style I'm trying to perfect is classy, chic, trendy, but at some times with elements of other styles like boho, edgy, or girly. To keep from getting lost in another style, I will make sure my outfit has the essential elements of my style. For example if I'm wearing a maxi skirt, to keep from becoming too boho hippy, I would add gold hoops, my favorite statement gold necklace(basically gold jewelry adds chic elements), sunglasses, hair in a bun, and a structured blazer. By adding these chic elements I make the trend my own. I love the idea of personal style. That's why I started my blog and I'm excited to look back in a few years to see how my style has progressed and my career in fashion of course. Right now I have some pictures that inspired my style this month.

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