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Zoe Looks 2012

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Blue Blazer

Hi guys! Just wanted to recap some of my favorite looks that I posted this year. These looks represent my love for the chic and fabulous! My style has been evolving and I'm still exploring new things but these looks here represent my style for 2012! If you guys have posts showcasing your best outfits for the year I'd love to check it out!

These are outfits I wore earlier in the school year in September and October. I only wish I had uploaded all these posts individually but I never had time. As you can see for back to school I was obsessed with my crop top OUI! shirt from forever 21 and also I wore a lot of pink. Pink was the perfect color to start off the school year! Hmm wonder what will be my color to start off the new year 2013! Hears to more fashion and fun!

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