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Thankful Friday

JC litas
Wetseal cross ring
Forever 21 bag(still in stores!)
Material girl jeans

Hope everyone had a happy thanksgiving. I had a very nice thanksgiving. The macaroni and cheese I made was divine. For desert my family and I went to a friends house where they had 'sinful' brownies consisting of chocolate chip cookie on the bottom and Oreo in the middle. mmm. Unfortunately their daughter had a pet rabbit, and I found out I was allergic to rabbits... Totally devastating considering I love all animals. The good thing though, is that I'm grateful for my kind family for being so considerate for me when I was having my allergic reaction. They care for me so much even though sometimes I'm not the nicest to them. This Thanksgiving I'm also thankful for a job; I work at Mcdonalds and earlier I was browsing through my earlier posts and I remember how sad I was to not be able to get the things I want, like Jeffrey Campbell shoes. Now I see all the things I'm able to buy for myself and other's now and I am so grateful for it.
Speaking of being able to buy things I want, today is black Friday and is having a great sale on JC shoes. I'm planning on buying the HOMG studs in taupe suede, and the Lita spike in white on Sunday for 50% off, if they're still available.
On Wednesday I treated myself to some JC 99 ties on ebay because I wanted some comfy JC shoes to wear for school.
So yeah, I'm gonna be broke, so... Merry Christmas to me!

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  1. Hey girl I m really loving you Litas and leopard pants... I also I wanted to say that I think you need to adjust the widths of your blog ( you will find this in the template-> customize section... I hope you dont take this the wrong way and oh yeah take you for following =)


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