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Winter Sass

Winter Sass

Hi all. Here is another set I made on polyvore. Isn't making sets fun? So this outfit is a classy chic winter ensemble featuring an orange circle skirt and blue crop top which are complementary. The gloves and the timeless white trench give the trendy look a classy feel. Can't have chic without chanel and the beanie will keep you warm.

So for an update on how my yearbook photoshoot went, it didn't. Both days I waited after school and no one showed up. Sometimes I hate my school. I have 6 pictures total because four of my friends took pics for me, and I was able to get two other people. Hopefully the other editor will have her people and it will be enough to cover the page. Fashion show practice is getting really tiring with modeling practice Monday and Wednesday, and meetings on Tuesday. Not to mention I had to work after practice on Wednesday. It's like a long never ending day... Can't wait till Saturday to get some sleep. Yep, it's hard work, but fashion is worth it. I love it!

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