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The Grammys

When I wore this on Sunday, my friends were like girl this is not the Grammy Awards! I decided to take that as a compliment because as it were, my life is a Grammy Awards show. I dress like I have an event to go to, I am know for my over the top performances, and I strike a pose on that runway as if I'm workin it in McQueen on the red carpet. I love expressing myself through fashion. Its been my main outlet since forever, and if people notice it, responding to it good or bad, I'm happy because it means I'm not hiding who I am and people can see me as I am. I've come a long way from hiding in baggy sweaters and flared jeans to heels and skinnies.

Wearing: Jeffrey Campbell Litas, Prada knock off shades from ebay, Macys white coat, J Crew Scarf, Forever 21 Sweater

Update: Shades now broken, don't buy them.


  1. Thank you so much! Its nice to hear things like that. makes me feel good and thank you for taking the time to comment


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