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La Chic

This bright blue blazer (alliteration anyone?) really was the icing on the cake of this chic outfit. I actually wore it to school and I will oh so modestly say I felt more fabulous than anyone else there. I am really enjoying this journey of discovering my style, I can remember when I was obsessed with boho.Now It's a really sloppy look to me but I do like it on other people and there are elements of it I still like. Same with preppy, I was obsessed with button down shirts freshman year, hey I still am now, just more silk and chiffon rather than plaids and pinstripes. Now I can say, that am developing a look much more chic with heels, and gold jewelry. Well, whatever phase I'm going through, no matter where classy, edgy, and artsy take me, it will a   be fabulous ride.

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  1. This is my favorite outfit on your blog. : )


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