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Happy Haul Year

This is kind of late but I really wanted to make a post on the clothes and shoes I got for Christmas and bought after Christmas. Let's begin!

In the above post these are a couple of fashion magazines that I picked up for myself. And wrapped them up to give to myself for Christmas! I say there's nothing wrong with buying your own Christmas presents
 especially if it makes you happy.
Before Christmas when I was doing before Christmas shopping I stumbled on these adorable  shoes on gojane for only 12$ each so I had to get two.

On Christmas Eve my mom surprised me with a early Christmas present. A beautiful expensive bracelet that's totally my taste. I wore it that night to a Christmas Eve candle light service.

My G-Dad sent me these two adorable peplum dresses. I didn't even tell him I loved peplum! Isn't that awesome? The first one's strapless, lace, with a cut out back and bow attachment. The second one is also cream colored but with about a three inch sleeve and an awesome leather panel on the back.

My parents bought me this scarf and my sister picked it out. I wouldn't have picked it out myself but it has an interesting print. That's the thing about recieving gifts from people who really know you. They get you something you would'nt have picked up but you like it.
My G-dad also sent me these new jeans coated, distressed, and leopard and I love all them. I'm not really into light wash denim, dark is usually more of my style but I really love them on. All of them are a little tight but all the more reason to stick with my resolution to exercise.
I LOOOVE this jacket. I already wore it twice. Sorry this picture is kind of blurry, but it has lace sleeves and a lapel-less collar. I've always wanted a jacket like this... very chanel.
One day my mom and I were looking at she loves Express) and she was showing me this vest she liked. It was like 70$ but with all her coupons,she ended up getting it for about 25$ Score mom! She looked at this other vest that she said looked more like me and I agreed it was more chic and had a cute halter neckline. Lo and behold she surprised me and bought it for me!
Every Christmas I like to recieve at least one toy, so it still feels a little magical. You all don't know this but I'm 17 years old and I still like dolls. I used to be ashamed but you know what? Not anymore! In fact I believe Bratz is what got me into fashion. I used to design clothes for them. My other sister bought me an adorable stuffed rabbit because after going to a family friends' for desert on Thanksgiving, I found out I was allergic to bunnies so this was really nice of her.
 My most anticipated gift...
Jeffrey Campbell HOMG platform sneakers! They are flipping awesome!I first wanted them last year after browsing the shoe section on Nasty, but I had my eye on the floral ones and after seeing Amy from Vogabound Youth on Youtube wear the studded taupe ones, I knew I had to have them. I haven't worn them yet because they're so awesome, I have to find an awesome outfit to wear them with.
So I'm normally a 6.5-7 but I ended up getting these in a size 8. So glad I did because they fit perfectly. Like all Jeffrey Campbell shoes when I open them, they looked so huge but after a while I loved them so much! They are very cute, though they aren't the most comfortable JC shoe!
Onto the part of the haul of which I bought things for myself after Christmas. The day after Christmas I hit up Charlotte Russe, one of my favorite stores(Forever 21 and H&M being the other two), and I bought four things. As said before I love peplum and when I saw this dress I knew I had to have it. It looked like the same exact dress Lauren wore from Fifth Harmony on Xfactor. It's also the dress I wore New Years here.
I bought this really cool sweater for two reasons: the shoulder cut outs, and that it was black. For some reason before I've never picked up a black sweater though it's an essential for everyone's wardrobe. It's really cute but I must say it's not very practical.
So with me being a model in my school's Sisters of Distinction fashion show,  I decided it would be a good idea to buy some stiletto heels since all of my other heels are either clunky or wedges. I wanted to get a basic black platform but these really drew my eye... at the time, not sure I'm feelin them now though, but they're still really cute.

These shoes were actually the main reason I went to Charlotte Russe. Although I wasn't too into the sneaker wedge trend, I've had my eyes on these. They're not too ghetto fabulous with all the colors. I like the fact that they're gold to make an outfit more sporty fabulous.
These next items are from when I went to a different mall on New Years Eve. My first stop was H&M. When I saw this Hi-low leopard skirt I nearly died and there was only two left. I loved it even more after I tried it on. The front is a little short but it's so flowy and leopard is one of my favorite prints if not my very favorite print.
Also at H&M I picked up this basic white somewhat Hi-Low shirt. I got it an extra size large so it could be more flowy.

Next stop, Forever 21. Let me tell you the best time to go to forever21 is in the morning. There is next to no waiting for the dressing room. This first item is something I've been wanting for a while, it's not a fedora but I forgot what they're called...oh bowler hats!
This second item is a pair of tapered black dress pants. I've been wanting tapered printed pants but I didn't like how I looked in the ones I tried on. Plus I've been missing black dress pants in my wardrobe. These will go great with the Express vest my mom got me!

I love the print of the British flag so when I saw this I knew I had to have it. I always find it funny when I look on fashion blogs and see British girls wearing american flag print clothing  we wear their print too! Ha ha!
These last two items I had a real struggle trying to figure out which one I wanted to get. First off, I already have a leather skirt, but I told myself but this one has knife pleats! The second skirt I looked at wasn't really leather. It had more of a metallic finish. I tried them both on with the British shirt and I loved both of them. The metallic one was like 7 dollars while the leather pleated one was like 17... After much deliberation I decided to get both because hey that's why I got a job, to buy clothes!

Well this certainly has been a lengthy post, probably my most lengthiest but it was a lot of fun evaulating all the things I got. So you can say I spent a lot of money last month and unfortunately because of that I'm no where near my money goal but that's what new years are for, fresh starts! Until next time!


  1. Okay, I'm seriously envying you with all of your awesome clothes. Very edgy and sophisticated.

    1. Thank you very much!That's the look I was going for!

  2. My family never really buys me clothes. My boyfriend bought me some really cute VS Pink Sweatpants that are licensed by U of O (Oregon Ducks) and $100 to Forever 21, but other than that nobody every gets me clothes. I'm kinda glad though, they definitely don't have that kind of taste! Congratulations. I love all of it. I saw that leopard skirt at H&M and a similar one at XXI, but I couldn't really decide how I'd wear it. I hope you do an outfit post soon!

    XOXO, Aspen

    1. I don't shop at VS very often but my everyday school bag is from there and I've heard nice things about they're sweatpants! Thanks for taking the time to read my post and yes a post with my leopard skirt will be coming next week for sure!


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