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Sheer Heaven

      Hello! Not starting out with a good start on one of my New Years resolutions of blogging consistently but I'm still learning how to manage blogging with school. School has been very fashionable this month. I've been working for my yearbook spread on fashion capturing the stylish students in the hallways with my Nixon 510 and this year for yearbook we're doing three separate fashion pages and the third one is going to be a photo shoot on the front lawn of the school. I put up flyers and an announcement on our school news so I hope I get at least ten people.
    You're probably wondering why I'm wearing a crop top, as it gets pretty cold here this time of year in eastern US, but with the right outerwear you can wear your favorite summer essentials all year long! I used to wear this shirt with shorts but paired it with a sheer maxi skirt for a more elegant affect. The leopard cross goes great with the shirt and the sweater adds comfy casual feel making it perfect for school.
crop top- forever 21
sheer maxi-gojane
leopard cross necklace- forever 21
I know many bloggers have sponsors and provide links for clothes they are wearing. Most of my clothes I wear are probably not available in stores anymore but I still put where I got it, so you guys have an idea of where I shop and if you like something you know where to find something similar.Hope you liked this post and I enjoy reading all of yours! Have a great weekend!



  1. Those are really lovely photos!!

  2. I love the necklace so much! I want one now. I love how you wore the skirt by the way, I have a semi-sheer lace dress and it is by far the hardest thing to wear.

  3. Gorgeous look! :)

    From Finland, with <3,


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