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Layer it on me

HIII ALL! You won't believe how excited I was to log on to my blogger dashboard and see 50 followers on my screen! I've been waiting a long time to reach this goal and I am so thankful to those of you who read and follow my blog! Thank you so very much! I'm very dedicated to make my blog better than last year.

In previous posts I've been talking about the fashion photoshoot spread me and this other girl have been trying to work on for yearbook... well we, I put up flyers and announcements on the school news and only got one person(my friend) to show up on Saturday. I'm glad I can count on my friends to help me out, but seriously one person out of the entire school? My fellow yearbook editor and I are grasping at straws at this point seeing if people will meet us after school today and tomorrow for last minute pictures. Hope it works out this time.
In this outfit I wanted to play with layering pieces that you normally wouldn't wear in January like flimsy  shirts, thin bodycon skirts, and sheer button downs. The best way to wear your warmer clothes in the winter is to layer them all together, of course today wasn't particularly very cold so it was a perfect day to wear a sheer shirt, but the leggings proved to be very effective in keeping my legs warm. I always like to say the best way to update an outfit is with accessories. I wore gray boots and an orange hat to make my outfit more cool weather apropriate.
Hat- Macy's
White Shirt- Forever 21
Yellow Shirt- GoJane
Grey Boots- Dots
Bodycon Skirt- H&M
It's very nice having one computer class each day so I can get on the internet and update my blog, and browse my favorite shopping sites of course! School's almost over and almost time to (hopefully) get pictures and go to fashion show practice. Wish me look! Until next time!


  1. Now THAT is layering! By the way, I LOVE the yellow top. It reminds me of these boots I want. I bet it would be fun to do a DIY to make a similar one.. maybe with a floral print?(:
    xoxo, Aspen

    1. Thank you! Button down tops are my favorite, add studded crosses and it's over! That DIY sounds like a great idea, when you make it,I def wanna see!

  2. Really love the yellow!


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