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I've been loving neutrals lately especially tan, beige, cream, and brown. this outfit embodies cream, beige, and brown, and also a light yellow in the earings.I've also been, as i've said in an earlier post i love layering with boots and leggings now to.  I'm so excited. I joined fashion club this year and i'm really excited to get to know people who like fashion. But i'm more excited that tomorrow no school!

the shirt and crochet vest are American Rag and the boots are Steve Madden.

 My family was sent a lot of clothes from my grandmother in Maryland this past few weeks. She lives alone so she likes to go to the mall alot and i'm guessing she hit it big at the labor day sale cause she got a lot of stuff, i think i'll post everything i got soon. A lot of the things i was able to return and get something i liked better because she shipped over the reciepts also. My grandma was soo generous to do that. I love her.

Lastly these are my favorite outfit pictures this month.

I especially love the chunky sweaters of these looks. Quirky. I've been thinking of wearing my pink sweater with my new dress from American Rag.

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