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I havent' posted in a while and really i have no excuse. I spend more time looking at fashion on lookbook, youtube, polyvore, gojane, and urge of edge. I've just been lazy. I know sad.

So this is an outfit i wore a few weeks ago, i really don't feel any of my recent outfits are blog worthy especially since we're on thanksgiving break and i'm at home not needing to be stylish.
i was inspired by an outfit put together by net-a-porter.

i also noticed i've been loving the button down under sweater look. it's very preppy. i really liked the preppy look in 8th in 9th grade. Then i started liking boho, but now i'm not sure how to describe my style. why bother anyway?  To me, i think everyone's style is too complex to describe in a couple of words. Personal style is based on taste, lifestyle, beliefs, whatever makes you you. Ah i just love fashion. I just wish i had fashion forward friends who understood. I like being fashionable at school but sometimes i'm tired of looking more dressed than my friends. Sometimes i imagine my imaginary stylish friend and i, strutting through the hallway looking fabulous to "  Runs the World" by Beyonce.

The Litas look soo cute with the outfit above, speaking of Litas, MY MOM ORDERED ME THE TAUPE LITAS TODAY! YAAAY! I'm soo excited. I saved up 80 dollars to pay for half and mom was going to pay for the other half but i thought, i don't want to spend that much on shoes. So i decided to resort to fake litas, so i spent hours online last night looking for perfect replicas and the best site was Asain Vogue. They have a great selection of designer look- a -like shoes. here. Unfortunately i was unsure because i didn't trust the pictures and the payment was weird, some weird order form, and you have to make a down payment and order won't arrive until 2-4 weeks. i was just like so overwhelmed so i shared my dilema with mom, and she was like let's just get the real ones. why spend all this trouble for fake litas, when i can have real litas. i was so relieved and happy. Now i'm just wondering how peoples reactions are going to be when they see me in them. I think these shoes will build my confidence and help me be more daring in my fashion.

These are clothes i'm lusting after from

 I know this is a lengthy post but just one last thing. i recieved three pleated skirts and a few other things from my friend from churches CEO who is retiring and packing her things. I told her i liked vintage stuff and she gave them to me. One is purple glittery and kind of form fitting, another is yellow and a third is red. The yellows kind of bright for the fall and i wasn't sure how to wear it, so i looked on lookbook and found a cute outfit with a leopard print top and i loved it.

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