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New Year. New Month. New Look!

Hi guys! Just like the title says It's a new year so I went for a change and changed my hairstyle!
I wanted a new look to signify the new changes I wanted to make in my life this year including being consistent with my blog. I think I'm doing a pretty good job, significantly better than last year but I am slacking on updating my other social media( isn't that a drag).
Today I'm wearing my leather jacket that I received for Christmas. I just love it! This necklace I bought from Charlotte Russe is actually broken so that may be why it was 2.99. Make sure to check before you buy ladies! Alright, lastly I am wearing my current favorite yellow sweater from Forever 21 and my distressed jeans I also got for Christmas. I wanted a mostly comfortable look for school today but the leather adds that touch of edge and the silver jewelry ( including my awesome claw bracelet my sis got me for Christmas), make for a touch of chic, which is an element I'm always trying to incorporate in my outfits. Today we got a snow warning and got off from school four hours earlier. BooYeah! So that gave me lots of time to do nothing and relax before a long day at work tomorrow. Everybody enjoy their weekends!
p.s Sorry for the not so great picture quality this time! I also added more info on my about me page so you guys can get to know me better!


  1. That looks so good on you! I love it, it really flatters your face. It looks cool as the side ponytail too.
    XOXO, Aspen

  2. Great post, your blog is amazing dear <3
    Would you like to follow each other?
    love, Anna

  3. Super cute....


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