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Summer Heat Strokes Bring Cold Fevers


Dress,Cardigan,Hat-Forever21| Socks-Nordstrom:Boots-Jeffrey Campbell

Hey everyone, and welcome to another blog post from Zoe! This is an outfit shoot I had before leaving for University. It's starting to get cold but other days it's still warm, so I think this outfit is perfect for that weird transition period.
Here I am wearing a very summery dress but I believe it can easily work with your fall wardrobe because of the dark color scheme. The dress is black making it workable with fall pieces like this gray cardigan I scored for 12$, and this floppy hat, I also scored for 12$. Pair it with knee high socks and you're square. I just said square. What is wrong with me.

Lastly I finish the look off with the infamous Litas. Neutral in tone, but still statement making. Are Lita's even in any more? You know I rarely see them on blogs anymore but I do tend to see Lita-look-a-likes in budget stores like Charlotte Russe and H&M. It's funny how something isn't popular for bloggers anymore but your average mall shopping fashionista may still love them. I still wear mine cause, hey they cost a pretty penny, and I'm trying to get my moneys' worth, K? But it doesn't matter if something is on trend anymore, If you still like it, keep wearing it, especially if you know how to incorporate it with recent trends or modern looks.
That's all I've got for today, but come back and keep reading, I really appreciate it!

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