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Fashionable Halloween Costumes

Don't want to dress tacky or corny, slutty or silly this Halloween? Here are three stylish, wearable halloween costume ideas from me to you! Mauh!

Evil Queen
One of my favorite characters on once upon a time, Regina always had the best wardrobe.
Evil Queen Halloween costume

 To achieve this look all you have to do is buy a crown from party city or something, have a cape or fierce jacket, an apple, and pair it with things you already own like leather leggings, black crop top, and black boots to achieve this less extravagant version of my favorite character on Once Upon a Time.

Fashion week Attendees

This is a perfect excuse to try that outrageous trend, you've been too scared to try, or those dangerous heels. The fashion show attendees pull out the most daring outfits for fashion week, some even a little ridiculous. You can dress up as a wacky show attendee, get inspired by runway looks and be a model, basically it's your opportunity to test out any crazy fashion trend, without having to wear it every day!

Fashion Week halloween Costume

Elsa from Frozen

Hipster Elsa Halloween Costume

Love frozen, but don't wanna look like every other 10 year old this Halloween? Take a stylish hipster spin on everyone's favorite ice queen! Pair an icy blue skater skirt, with blue flats or converses, a light blue or white  oversized tshirt or sweater, white knee high socks, and a blue scarf. To add that frozen appeal make sure to braid your hair to the side, wear blue makeup for fun, and carry a stuffed Olaf, even paint him on your nails!

I was originally going to be Elsa but I really like the Evil Queen look, so I'm not sure now. What did you guys think? What are you going to be for Halloween? Leave me a comment and have a spooky week! Muahhahahaha.

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