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How to Fight Shopping Impulses

I'm writing this post, not only to help whoever will read it but mostly for myself. I have a huge problem with spending money and impulse shopping. Even with money I don't have. Up until recently I didn't have a job and I was just continuously taking money out of my savings to fulfill cheap thrills only to be depressed afterward.   I have bought so many things I don't wear, and recently too, translucent powder, a short sleeve sweater, printed pants, etc.

The point is, to keep money in your pocket, and ready to use for when you really want something, I have compiled a few ideas on how to fight impulse buying. Let's get started!

  1. Write down what you need, or jot it down on your phone  (if you're no longer familiar with the art of writing on paper anymore) and carry your list with you into the store. If it's not on the list, don't get it. 
  2. When browsing around a store I am subject to impulse , I would usually pick up things I like and walk around the store with them. STOP. Don't pick items up. And forbid DON'T TRY THEM ON. I know for a lot of people trying things on, isn't really fun and usually leads to leaving the store empty handed, but for me when I try something on, I love the item so much and I just have to have it, so no trying on.
  3. If I like something, I'll give it to the cashier to put it on hold, so I can shop elsewhere. If I'm no longer thinking about it, I've avoided an impulse buy. (unfortunately sometimes I'll get it anyway, so that's where that list will come in handy!)
  4. Shop, but leave your money at home. You'll be forced to go home empty handed. If you're still thinking about an item a few weeks later, go back and treat yourself!
  5. When you see something you have to have, cause it's just so cute, or the right price, think of something you've always wanted to buy, and compare. Do I want this neon dress or to keep saving for some Louboutins.
  6. Or think about how many hours you worked to buy that item, and evaluate if it was worth it.
  7. Create a 30 day list. Put it on your refrigerator and every time you have an impulse, put it on the list. After a month has passed you can buy the item.
  8. This is the most obvious, but don't go to the mall or online shop where you could be tempted.
  9. I got this last tip off a website (Ask questions. Before you buy anything, ask yourself a series of questions. Is the purchase going to improve your life in some important way? Is the purchase supposed to make you feel better? Does it help you meet one of your life goals? Will it simplify your life? These are useful questions to help you evaluate the value of a purchase, and why you’re making it. Be honest with yourself — Don’t try to sell yourself!

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